Federal Student Loan Scammers: 866-490-7227

So I guess there are new rules for student loans and these guys can help with that (LOL)
Call 866-490-7227 and use reference code #101006


On 08/09/19 t 11:11 am I received a call from (501) 299-0147.

Transcript of call:

“Yes, this is Debra Baker I’m calling in reference to your federal student loan. I need to discuss your repayment options with some new changes that have taken effect recently. So, if you would please be sure to give me a call back - my number is 866-490-7227 and I’m going to go ahead and give you a reference number if you would please have this handy when you call back it just makes things a lot easier. The reference number is 101006. Thank you.”


I should have started my reply with how the call started. A recording saying, “Due to the Government shutdown, there has been some changes in the College loans, please press 5 for further instructions.” I decided to play along, and connected. She asked me how much my loan was pending. I told her $1.5K for 15 years. She asked if it was Federal or private, I said private and she hung up on me. I keep getting these calls on a regular basis.