Fedex Scam ( email )

ok, if you saw my last report ( 2 m. ago ), are you ready?

  1. the url
  2. static names/reviews
  3. I don’t use Fed Ex, i’m 13
  4. this is an independent survey claim at the bottom
  5. minimum value of $90 is a lot, especcially for the amount of “reviews and rewards” that are supposedly given out
  6. 2019 copyright, and credit card images indicating a possible credit card scam
  7. fake news if you allow notifs
  8. it uses your location
  9. dynamic date to make it look real
  10. bait of if you leave, someone else gets picked
  11. #10 is a trick for website scams, not email scams
  12. #10 is also a way to get people to do the “survey”
  13. no matter what you choose, the results are always the same
  14. static resultsssss!
  15. fake discount code, it says “luckywinner50”
  16. #15 needs creativity
  17. #15 also needs a new owner for the horrible attempt
  18. ok, this is a mouth full, there is no such thing as a lucky winner unless you join an actual lottery, winners are not a thing in reality, just success, all businesses know this, so why is this “luckywinner50”? and it says take off a minimum of $90, but it makes everything worth $0.00. the vape kit is out of stock, when we have an overstock of vaping materials in warehouses, EVEN during this pandemic. and 50 < 90, so, just, cmon
  19. * exclusive rewards * cliche at the top
  20. onto the actual email!

  21. sideways image
  22. not Fed Ex’s logo above the image
  23. indepent survey!
  24. as far as i know, those are 2 different unsubscribe addresses
  25. the sender of the email
  26. $4,000,000?
  27. not Fed Ex’s logo, so, there is not 4 mil given out
  28. 30 second marketing survey?
  29. the survey asks about your sexuality, which should not be a factor in running a mailing company
  30. look at that subject name
  31. redirect proxies!!!
  32. ok, there is a lot, but, this is an absolute fail of a scam, those who fell for it, sorry you did, but, you are not good at seeing real from scam

my rating : 0/10

no scam deserves a 10/10 for absolutely no creativity

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