Finance Co called to say I was approved for personal loan

This scammer called and did have all my info already including my bank acct and routing number. I had applied for a loan with lending tree and was not approved they sent me back an email saying to try these other lenders and when I filled out that form I got this complete fraud calling said he was in Houston and emailed me loan docs to sign. wanted to go over terms after I returned the signed docs. Then he said something about going to walgreens to get a finance voucher and he wanted to send me 100.00 and wanted me to link my bank account with his company server. He said after *I got the 100 I needed to send it back to him via a voucher from the grocery store to confirm that was indeed my account. I was like I need to call you right back. I didn’t really know what I should do since he had all my info already. I called him back told him I had gone to walgreens to see if they had the vouchers and that I bought a scratcher and won 5000 so I no longer needed a loan. Then he called me about 100 times and I blocked the number next day I was getting air bnb fraud alerts from my bank he tried to charge me 500 x’s amounts that varied from $2 to $200,000 and I had to closed my bank account and open a new one he did not get any charges thru but he still has all my info so I am going to be worried about this for some time to come.

Name Daniel Martin Accounting Dept Head lol
Radiance Finance LLC
1199 Louisiana St
Houston, TX 77002 (888_)426-8938
Here are pics of the loan document he sent and it is really bad doesnt look like any loan papers Ive seen before.

Please ruin his day for me so I can get some revenge for all the trouble and stress he has LOANED me lol


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I just went through the same thing but much worse I have the same documents as you but from saga finance LLC. I was speaking with some guy named John Carter. It was all a scam.