Firefighters/Police "PAC" with "multiple personalities"

Scammer number: 877-412-3432; 844-207-6772; 877-218-5435
Scammer website:
Any other scammer information: Started out as an AI call from “John” or “Jon” at “the National Committee for Volunteer Firefighters PAC.” I wasn’t sure until I listened to my recording of the call that I was talking to an AI. I did get some non sequitur answers out of “him.” The call was from an unspoofed number, so of course I thought i should call them back.
All calls since to the 877-412 number (I made 16 or 17 over the course of the day Friday, but haven’t tried th other two yet) were answered by another AI, “Mike Anderson, at the National Police & Sheriff’s Coalition PAC.” I got him to give me the second and third numbers above (in one call). If the AI gets an answer it doesn’t like, it may say “I’ll put you on our DNC list. Goodbye.” Your number will probably be blocked after that.
Their website is
Their site says they’re “an IRS 527 political organization.” I have yet to find any filings under that name on the IRS site, but that search is new to me. Maybe William P. Barrett will have better luck finding out more about their financials, as he did with “NCVF,” which was formerly the “National Coalition for Volunteer Firefighters.” Mr. Barrett did some digging on them back in 2020. Faux volunteer firefighter cause trolls Las Vegas and nationally