Firewall Cancellation Scammer

Hey, an Indian girl called me from 1-312-888-7362 She said my Firewall Subscription was set to renew and I could cancel with her now to avoid the $200 withdrawal from my bank account tomorrow. I asked her if she could email the cancellation form -of course, she said, “No, they have to (gain access) to my computer so that she can present the cancellation form to me.” She kept asking me if there was a windows key symbol on my keyboard. I said, no. I asked her what was the brand name of the Firewall -she couldn’t tell me or didn’t know what I meant. I ended the call. Please do something.

These guys are hilarious

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Bro he said he was gonna call the police lol

You called? :slight_smile: I wish that I could have listened in. The scammer was becoming angry with me because I couldn’t find the windows key. lol They’re so impatient. lol

Ok then i guess :joy: lol

Calling the cops, what a joke is the number still active, I feel like annoying them just for that lol :rofl:

I am talking to the an India girl scammer and she wants use windows key and R,

Lol this girl is on drugs or something so when I got the page she asked me what do I see and I read the not secure site and just laughed so hard and hung up and then I called back and I was like what was so funny and she hung up again and yeah wow never saw anything like that before but def call this number.

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lol! www.takesupport That’s too funny.