First Time

Finally got my first scammer to connect to my VM. Started on bobrtc, but had to switch to textnow because the “manager” had to call me. Wasted about two hours of their time, but they didn’t fall for any of my traps. Still count it as a win. Microsoft refund.


Hey guys, I’m just starting out!:stuck_out_tongue: which type of scammers is the best for baby​:baby:scambaiters to cut their teeth on? I’m very basic, I don’t have a working computer yet(obviously rules out vms for the moment) but I have a phone and spoof number app also text now so i just wanted to know which is best for sorely waisting time and bugging the heck out of or does it matter? Also, are there any irritating voice mods anybody would recommend? I apologize if this is off topic or in the wrong chat room if so please direct me to the right place. Thank you so much for all the support!