French mail scammers

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hiya, got a bunch of french mail scammers, i know you guys are not mostly french but eh, never know.
they do first contact by mail then ask to speak by hangouts (easyer than mails)
they basically play the hot hooker game / sexy lady game, send you a bunch of pics then ask you to send them so private photos, then after a few days they ask you to send them some money to "help them pay the rent or a trip or any sh*t like that.

mail adresses :
[email protected]
[email protected] (name would be Sylvie Vigo, has 4 accounts for instagram : sylvievigo1, sylvievigo3, sylvie_vigo, sylvievigo)
[email protected] (gives photo N° : 7314687603) (american : name is lonna from Georgia got it from instagram)

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I wonder what would happen if I request to follow syliva

give it a try and tell me i’m curious just use a fake account

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I just did it now waiting for approval

Just created account using my alias bob vince