Friend got an IRS scam 1-308-401-0506

Got permission from my friend

My friend told me her friend got an IRS call too from same number

This number is active I am talking to a scammer now let’s see what they do, lol he wanted me to repeat my number so I did and he said copy that and Roger lol never heard a scammer before. He is asking me for my birthday lol and now he wanted my SSI number so I gave him a fake number.
Now he wants me grab a pen and paper, scammers name Lee Cooper.
Bitch ID is 54212
Case Id JA121
Now is going to read from his script. Lol he asked me if u was ever in the state of Texas scam which I already know, then he was like how did u know that I was like because I call u scammers up all the time, then he said dont waste my time and hung up lol.