Fundraiser Scam 1-530-379-2672 (might be dead)

The number is 1-530-379-2672. I tried to call the number back, but it gives a recorded message saying if you want to be removed from their list, press 1. Unfortunately, a lot of scams and legitimate companies have a very similar greeting when you call the number back, so this did not tell me much.

They were claiming to be from the National Coalition for Police Officers and Firefighters, which sounds legitimate. I did look this group up, and it is not an actual foundation. There are several non-profit charities with very similar names, but this one is not an actual foundation.

What tipped me that there was something wrong was when the representative who initially called me passed the call to someone from “billing.” I was perfectly fine with them sending me a support letter, I get several throughout the year. After I have had a chance to research the non-profit, I then decide whether I am going to support them. The lady from “billing” asked me if I would be willing to pay via credit or debit over the phone. This was not what the representative had made me thing would happen. I thought they would send me a support letter and if I chose to support them I would mail a physical check to a physical address. She insisted that is no longer normal procedure. I asked for their non-profit tax ID, but she said she did not have it with her at the moment. I proceeded to hang up. I know I could have dragged that out for a while, but I’m not feeling great and am just not really in the mood.

I work part-time for a legitimate non-profit in my area, so these scams really piss me off. I know the number probably won’t get anywhere, but it made me feel better to share it and attempt to bring some awareness to the problem.