Geek ? 1 850 725 0261

Scammer number:1 850 725 0261
Scammer website:
Fake service they are refunding: Geek Total Protection $399.99*

Any other scammer information:

They answer as “Geek Squad” but they don’t bother mentioning that (or BestBuy) on the invoice. :benchode:

Edit: Seems like"Mark Anderson" is the only :benchode: answering. Also it’s TextNow.

This is the first scam email I’ve received in over a month.

Called them

Yelled at them

Rinse and repeat

This is the website they want you to go to…and then wanted me to download Ultraviewer:
I said I would NEVER let a stranger on my computer. He kept throwing words at me…like ‘secure server’…and insisted that he wouldn’t be able to see my computer. I then said I would not let him on my computer as I don’t trust his Indian accent. He said he’s not from India…he’s from California. I laughed and laughed and he hung up.
Get 'em!