Geek (802) 738-0113

Scammer number: (802) 738-0113
Scammer website:
Fake service they are refunding:
Any other scammer information:

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I almost reversed the connection twice (1 time i got them but they found out quick so had to delete fast) these dudes are heartless
Here’s their textnow number: ‪(919) 689-1130‬
I think their number is probably shut down now


Number is down
There were 2 guys running it, they had 200 people in the call center (there were 2 max lmao)
Same old story “I need to feed my family” with scamming,
Here’s the anydesk (they won’t accept it most likely) (803893549)

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They shut down their Anydesk

Yeah, so let’s just steal from someone else and now THEY can’t feed THEIR family. Great rationale and justification.

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