Geek squad 1.833.317.6040

Scammer number: 833.317.6040
Scammer website:
Fake service they are refunding: Geek Squad
Any other scammer information: Order ID: GS494115957052

Screen shot of “invoice” attached.

They are not Answering

I’m on with a moron right now. Try again as it may be a one “dummy” operation.

ohh they are picking up but i put a wrong number :laughing:

I havent seen a dumb scammer like this in my life!

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I so agree @NotTechSupportScam Did you get “Adaward” (Edward)? Told me that geek squad lifelock was on my pc. I’m reaching for the advil bottle.

i almost reversed his AnyDesk but i had to go somewhere (I maked truble in the Alpemix so he wanted AnyDesk but he knows nothing about Anydesk)