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Dear Valid User,
Thank you for your recent purchase. Your Geek Squad AntiVirus services have been successfully upgraded. We hope you’re enjoying your new subscription! Your valued patronage is sincerely appreciated, and we hope your experience with our service has been exceptional. This message is regarding the renewal of your membership, set for 2023-10-10. A charge of $446.46 will be applied for the next 5 years, unless you decide to cancel. For queries: call +1(888) 656-2082

Renewal Item:- Geek Squad Ransomware Protection
Transaction Date:- 2023-10-10
Customer UID:- 9207930
Transaction ID:- R46JC883
Quantity:- 1 Devices
Service:- 5 Years Full Warranty
Plan Charges:- $446.46

Take advantage of our special low-price one-time renewal offer for your Geek Squad membership and enjoy continued protection for the next five years. Call us - +1(888) 656-2082

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