Geek Squad charge (800) 340-6120

Scammer number: (800) 340-6120
Scammer website: Answering as PayPal?
Fake service they are refunding:
Any other scammer information:

Account Type: Geek Squad AntiVirus
Amount: $448.48 **BILL TO:**Bill: Dear UserMembership UDI: 737182591
Today, on 2023-10-23. Your Geek Squad AntiVirus Ordered from your account. We want to express our sincere gratitude for your continued association with us. Your contentment remains our paramount concern, and your unwavering loyalty is highly esteemed. The payment will conveniently proceed through your designated checking account. Your presence in our customer-centric framework is genuinely appreciated.
Act now to cancel and avoid Buying Coin ! Please Reach us at +1(800) 340-6120 before 2023-10-23 and stay valued in our Geek Squad AntiVirus community too!
Kind Regards,
Geek Squad AntiVirus& Webroot+1(800) 340-6120Po Box 300 Oh United States

That 805 number below this post is still active. They do block your number after you screw with them but google voice calls from a different number each and every time.

They’re getting pretty upset. :joy::joy: