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Scammer number: +1‐833‐554‐3296
Scammer website: N/A
Scammer “Email”: [email protected]
Fake service they are refunding: Geek Squad
Any other scammer information:

SUBJECT: Your Invoice # 32784-98381

Your Payment was captured successfully Invoice ID- BS813518

Geek Squad


Help Line ‐ 1‐(833)‐554‐3296

Your order details are below

Auto renewal of Basic support plan for 3 pc, with (2 On‐Site service) added with Netsecure.

Your account is debited with $609.00.
Note‐ The same should appear in your statement in the next one day.

Subscription Details:
ORDER #: 407‐0353423‐8828895
Item/Plan: Basic support plan for 3 pc
Net Amount: $609.00
Transacioon Date: 13 March 2023
Item number‐ 2897653AYP

Thanks for choosing AutoPay as your default payment system.
To void the subscription or cancel AutoPay please contact 1‐(833)‐554‐3296
If this is activated in error , please get in touch within 24 hours at 1‐(833)‐554‐3296

What you get‐ Telephonic Remote Support on call Hardware issues are not covered under this program. Peripherals connected to the PC also fall under the support plan.

Our customers are our real assets
Premium Virtual Support
Consumer ID:18117912

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