Geek squad refund scammers - (678) 803-5104

I ended up deleting this guys files lmao -

Number: (678) 803-5104

Dear Customer this call is from your Microsoft geek support team as your computer service and security defender subscription will be get automatically renewed within 24 hours there will be and automatically deduction 299 dollars and 99 cent from your credit card if in case you don’t want to get charged please call us to cancel your subscription press one from your phone to get connected to our representative this call is been monitored by quality and training purposes by Better Business Bureau thank you press one.

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These guys rage so much lmao

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Nice. Good job! Is it going to be on youtube?

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Yes it definitely will lol


@ScammerRevolts bro how do you keep the scammers online because they end up hanging up on me :sob::sob:I need a tip bro :pray::pray:… You are the best and we need some of your tips to shutdown these guys off… You have a huge experience of 3years I guess

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Can anyone help me this guy’s they are asking for my number for sure they will Want to call me back but am using firertc