Geek Squad Scam 808-646-8496

Scammer number: 808-646-8496
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Dear Member,

Your subscription for Geek Squad security protection has been successfully renewed and updated today. The debited amount of $ 345.34 will be reflected within next 24 hour on your account statement.


Invoice Id: #ZXSDCF4532190-OJNBGVRT56443

Product Name: Geek Squad Security

Expiration Date: 1 Year from the date of purchase.

Price: $ 345.34

Payment Method: Auto-Renewal

If you want to cancel this subscription then please feel free to contact our
Billing department as soon as possible.


You can reach us on +1 808 / 646 / 8496.


Billing Department.

Answering 12/8 245 ET

I Called them (12/9) 4:32 Eastern time and wasted a bit of their time. It goes straight to voicemail now. I called from a different number and no answer.