Geeks Tech Support is back

(844) 881-6264‬

One of the most notorious scammers on the internet are back under a new fake “geeks” name. get em!

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Currently going through to some kind of medical enrollment center

Called them, had some dude call me an ahole, then hung up.
Called again, said I’ve got a virus, said something about Malwarebytes, then got reeeeally pi
ed off, then hung up.
Called again for the last time, got earr***ed with a loud asf jet.

Update: called him again, he went right off. Apparently they dont do anti-virus.

Unbelievable :joy: :joy:

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Just got through and reported their code to


i called stating that my laptop has a virus and i thought they could help me and they had a rude attitude so i hung up

They say they just do website and server support. After 15 calls they started to instantly put me on hold…so I did multiple conference calls with their hold music as a backdrop to a wonderful ballad serenading them about tiny benchod feet tapping down the chimney to steal rupees.

Great times

I called them and he immediately started to say my voip number out loud to block me XD