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Scammer number: 888-831-3237
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Fake service they are refunding: Geeksquad
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TX Id@7458139 From Geeks-Bill[Amount 359.99$ charged Successfully]onSept 16,2022

Customer ID: U479278792

Date: Sept 16, 2022

Payment Receipt

Dear Customer,

This email confirms your purchase of the following subscription.

Subscription Type

Auto Pay Every 2 Yrs.

Subscription Period

2 Yrs.

Auto Charged

359.99 USD

Auto Paid Amount

359.99 USD

Toll Free: 888-


  • In case you have any further query or question about this transaction, you can call our customer care helpline number. We will be glad to assist you with.

  • You have 24 hours to cancel this subscription else it may be renewed from the account associated with our records.


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