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Dear Customer, [xxxxxx]

We are grateful for your help. The services have restarted after being renewed for your annual subscription plan!

Your Device Protection and Network Security Shield is reactivated, and your account credits are automatically deducted by $349.99.

Order Details:-

Plan Description: Geek PRO Active Shield Plan (1 Year)
Renewal Date: 22-Feb-2023
Valid Till: 21-Feb-2024
Order Id: WG#39672372955
Charges: $349.99

If the auto debit service remains active, the annual recurring charge will be deducted from the designated payment method on an annual basis.

If you want to cancel auto debit charges, avoid future payments, or if you need assistance with this transaction, please get in touch with our accounts team within 2 business days.

Contact Customer Care/Support # +1 (833) 200 5088