Geeksquad scammer 855/919/2459

Scammer number: 8559192459
Scammer website: n/a
Fake service they are refunding: geeksquad
Any other scammer information:
Called and they answered as Geek Squad. Email it came from: [email protected]
Dear User.
Thank you for being with us for so long. Your account has been debit ed with USD 493.22 for the service once again. We promise you to give the service in the same way as we have been giving you for so long in your laptop. Thank you once again. Hope you enjoy the service.
The debited amount of USD 493.22 will be reflected within next 24 hour on your account statement
Order name – Geek protection

Order Id: JNHBT JS5168438” .

Amount USD 493.22

Payment Method : Auto Debit

If you have not made this Purchase or notice any error please feel free to call our customer team today on Toll free +1,855/919/2459 .


Called them 20 times, they are begging me not to call there. :smiley:

“Please don;t distrub us doing out work” they say,

One scammer gave me this link to connect for the refund form →

More should call…

Just called them. Still an active number. Told them to get a real job and stop scamming. Madarchodes!

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