Geeky squad refund scammers | (888) 774-7931

Scammer number: (888) 774-7931
Scammer website: none
Fake service they are refunding: Geek squad service charge
Any other scammer information:


I know this probably isn’t the best place for this but can anyone help me with a script that I can put in a txt file on my desktop that’ll give me a reverse rdp connection on the scammers PC when they download it via the shared clipboard feature after getting on my PC with anydesk/TeamViewer etc? I know I could probably but something like a netcat command in there calling back to a listener on my box but I don’t want a shell I want full remote control of their PC. Any helps or points in the right direction will be much appreciated. Ty! Remember we’re all in this together. Fuck them scammers! Waste their time. My aunt killed herself over a long romance scam after they left her broke, alone and used she ended her life