Getting Started: Am I missing anything?

I’m gonna get ready to start scambaiting but first I still need some proper tools. I don’t wanna begin until I take care of each and everything.

What I’ve done/considered so far:

  • Windows 7 VM on VirtualBox (msinfo32 information changed)
  • Fake syskey
  • Headset for speaking and listening
  • Google Voice number set up
  • VPN in consideration
  • Generic programs so the vm doesn’t look too empty

Should I install teamviewer and/or anydesk?
Should it be on the host pc or on the vm?

Also, anything else that I’m missing?

I have 11 Virtual Machines ranging from Windows 98 to Windows 10, and the software you use on your real computer works as well on your virtual machine, as long as you use 32 bit on a 32 bit and so on.I use VMWare myself, and for a realistic look, install VMWare on your VM. It sends a signal that you may have a virtual machine installed on a real computer.

I moved thios topic to scambait questions, as it is a scambait related thread.

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