Getting TextNow to work in UK

So I’ve set up VMWare and everything, just trying to make my TextNow account. I’ve got a VPN set in US but not getting the option on broswer to sign up with email. How can I go about downloading the app on my phone to sign up? I’m trying to change my phones app store location to US but I have to enter a payment method/phone number in the US to do that

Edit - I’ve managed to do it. I downloaded the textPlus app on the UK app store to get a US number. I then changed my location/country for the app store and chose no payment method and put the phone number created by textPlus to get past it and change my App Store country. Once you get access to the TextNow app its a doozy. Spent all night trying to get this set up, let’s hope it’s all worth it now

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you could always use TextFree instead. That works very well for scambaiting. Or you could use a prepaid (burner phone) for scambaiting.