Ghost Writing scam support

This company talks about, “affordable and official ghostwriting” for people who need it I found the website by accident and signed up to see what would happen and it was exactly what I thought would happen continuous spam. and when I looked up their address it went to a random elementary school.

The phone number:

The Website:

Have fun!

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I just traced their IP using grabify:

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They have an amazing sales pitch. They will write a 200 page book for me, and I will be the “author”. They will post it on Amazon, Barnes and noble, etc.

I asked where they are located. He said california. I read the post above by guipc7 a d he was totally defiant. I asked how someone else could write a book for me and I put my name on it and it be legal. He said “we have a lot of retired PH.Ds that we pick that have knowledge in the area you are writing about”.

I told him I have a passion for scams, such as refunds, SSA, computer support etc, and wanted an entire chapter on the origins and Evolution of benchods. He claimed to not know that word.

Very pushy, wanted me to start now. Told him my wife and I needed to discuss the matter before committing. He asked when he can call back. I told him I Nd some other people I know on the internet are interested and would reach out to him soon. It was so surreal.

How is this even legal, let alone ethical?

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It’s a scam bro… did you pay them? Have you given them any money?

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Hell no I’m just checking their scam out before blasting them and encouraging others to do so.

It blows my mind what scammers are branching into. Book writing? Never would have thought. He said a chapter would be written every 7 to 9 days, and sent to me for review. He sounded ver fluent in English…I can see people falling for this, which is why it concerns me so much.

I was basically leading him on, and foreshadowing aot of interest from my internet friends (you all here on TSU). I feel like I just stretched my literary muscles with the whole foreshadowing he will get a lot of “interested” friends calling.

Total scam. Need to shut them down as they are very convincing and had perfect English with a 4 point plan.

yeah… it’s dangerous

I called this number and reveal to them they’re a scam. Lol the guy I talked to flipped out when I told him where he was and his IP address xD

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Nope I have not given them any money just thought the site and support were super odd so I posted it on here to see what you guys would say.

I just called them today 10/24/22 and they are still up and running