Google Voice

Any tips on how to get Google Voice up and running? I live in Norway and i need a US number to activate Google Voice. I tried using but it failed HARD :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can help with textnow

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Hey man, can you help me get a textnow account? From my location it’s not possible to sign up, same result with vpn to USA / Canada :frowning:

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i would advise you to use any strong vpn which has a trial then you can cancel the trial but make sure you create the account using your phone.Know the location you have chosen from the vpn and its zip code i guess so then text now will give you a phone number according to the zip code or its a postal code i think so i cant remember well coz i havent been using textnow after that you can use a fake email(if you want to but i do advise you to do so since nothing is safe this days ) to receive confirmation link after all you can login into textnow without using a vpn i dont know if this is a bug or something but ey once the login details are correct textnow lets you in bro

can you please help me with textnow

You could also use GrooveIP. That’s what I use

is it 100% free?
as others say its free when it really isnt