Got scammed by SNS Professional

Lost some money before I realized I wasn’t paying attention. However did get their numbers 858-252-1572, 315-925-5451, 858-732-3757, 858-4514210. Believe it or not even after calling them out they keep calling wanting gift cards so they can sell me a firewall device. I don’t yet have the skills to get them so any help giving them a lesson would be great. This was a pop up scam for Microsoft support.

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SNS Professional!! They don’t only use these numbers to Scam. One of my friends received their “POPUP” on his screen and they forced him to pay around half a grand via PayPal for five years of security. The number he called was: 18007699231. Now, they are not accepting his calls when he asked for a refund. I did some digging and called on the numbers I found (18555000718, 18009842707, 18004805152), told them to return my friend’s money, and to stop scamming. Their agents hung up every time and every number I called from got blocked immediately.

So, their old website isn’t working anymore… it gives a 404 or 403 error. They are now operating their Scam from a different website ( Now, they have also added a payroll scam to their arsenal… They now also scam businesses using QuickBooks and other Payroll software in the US, UK, and Canada. This is mentioned in an article exposing SNS Professional ( Their new numbers:

US and Canada: 18004805152
UK: 448006527832

Let’s take ‘em down!