Government refund

202-527-9264 sad the government was gonna give me 9,000$ total scam have fun ya’ll.

Awesome wasted 45 of their time then i got transfered to a fellow on the phone that was genuinely interested in chatting with me about nothing for another 30 mins (must’ve been bored) her really wanted to be fb friends with me :joy::joy::joy: i gave him a burner email so lets see if i hear from my stinky buddy :joy::joy:

Use this conformation code is JK0257

Awesome I had a dude making beats on his desk as I proceeded to call him benchod for about 20 mins

Are yall still able to get through keeps telling me the number has been disconnected lol if so hell yeah mission accomplished

This number has been disconnected. I am going to flag it.

Awesome mission accomplished nice work yall

They did say to call me on a new number but i could barely hear the number