Grant scamm bois

Code: TK407

I am on the phone with a scammer now, I guess I have been paying my taxes good lol, according to the scam lol the grant is $9000. She is def reading from a script. 3 options to get the fake money, Wells Fargo, my credit or cash. It will take 20-30 mins for this ha good I get to waste her time. I need to purchase register card it will cost me $250. She says I can buy it from Target, Best Buy or Wallgreens, Thats where the card is and at that same counter the form will be there. She says I need to being my id and phone and call her back when I reach the store. This is where she hung up and obv I am not going to the store lol.

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Same exact one I got

What do you call on?

I use FireRTC, TextNow there is a bunch X-Lite or Eye Beam like the scammers use X-lite and Eye Beam but if u are new the best ones are FireRTC and TextNow. Then I also use

This can give me any fake Information I want. Hope this helps if u have any more questions you would want to make make a post and mark it as General or one of the category that list how to help you with different tools.