Grant Scammer 208-278-7518 TEXT only

I posted this number before but i forgot to say that they are doing their scam through texting. I have tried to call them and they wont answer but they will text me all day. If anyone else talks to these people please let me know how far you get. They hacked one of my friends moms Facebook account and that’s how i got their number… Thanks guys

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talking to them now lol

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Please start posting in the right categories, “general” is not for scammer numbers! Iv moved this post for you.

LOL Literally, in their 2nd response back to me, they asked my credit card info :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Idiots.

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lol i contacted Cash App and reported his account. So now I guess he’s asking for Credit Card info.


Yeah 500 dollars for 10 million dollar grant. Totally. He just asked if I have cashapp lol

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How and where do i post it ?

I told them i only had paypal and they sent me their paypal address too… how can i report it ?