Does anyone know if grasshopper calls can be traced back to the original caller or if scammers can identify them? I can usually get through using google voice but then when I switch to Grasshopper, the lines go dead.

Tracing calls isn’t too difficult with the right software, however I haven’t used grasshopper before. Just take preemptive measures to keep yourself safe. Hide your caller ID, remove your linked personal information from the account, use false names and addresses, etc. Most all software that is used to trace accurately is never free, so I doubt scammers have the knowledge, time, or the consistent income to be paying a subscription for a call tracing service.

Thanks I appreciate the info. One thing I might add to the forum is if people could post how they were contacted. A screen capture of the pop ups would be great. I’m still new at this and am not totally comfortable letting these guys screw with even my virtual machine, but I am happy to contact them at odd hours, ask dumb questions and act stupid.

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