Great Alternative to FireRTC or Google Voice

Good Morning Y’All. For those who can’t use FireRTC or Google Voice cause you live in the UK or somewhere in Europe. Here is a great alternative I found as well as use. It’s called TextNow, but there are some steps you have to do before just start spamming the shit out of scammers.

1): Make sure you have a VPN and that it is connected to Romania, if you use chrome then download this great VPN, it’s called SetupVPN and it’s complete free! No restrictions or a certain amount you get every month. Or you can install the desktop client as well. Which is even better

2): Go to and sign up with your personal e-mail, or fake e-mail, whatever you have, make sure to enter you real or fake details. It doesn’t matter! Than, it’ll sign up for you, then it’ll prompt you to enter your area code, usually i’d go Los Angles (213), or Phoenix (602). They are the most believable.

3): Voilla! It’ll assign you a number. And now you are ready to call all the scammers you like anytime for free! The great advantage is that you keep that specific number.

4): You may now turn off your VPN and anytime now you can sign in from anywhere in the world!

I do hope you found this useful and it does solve all issues


Does it have to be connected to Romania? Can’t I do it off VPN from any other country in EU?

The UK doesn’t work, I haven’t tried Holland, Denmark, Germany, or France. Your most welcome to try and tell me what happens :slight_smile:

Romania doesn’t work for me. Tried US, UK and Germany. Nada. It won’t let me register. Do you know if Textme works the same?

I haven’t used that one much tbh. But I’m sure the function is that same, if it ain’t working for you. use windscribe and try and connect to India or singapore

Moving this to tutorials since it’s a tutorial.

I’ve been using TextNow for a couple years now. But when I signed up I never needed to use a VPN. Being in the UK just worked fine for me and it allowed me to register an account and I can grab a number. Is this something that they have updated or something?

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Thank you I have een using TextNow for a while and I change my numbers every fifteen days, I have five accounts for it and change numbers constantly, they allow it every fifteen days. I even have a number I use for business online as well.

It works fine for me I am in the US and never had any issues with it.

Ye they did change it, I live in the UK and it didn’t work. So I used a VPN

I’ve always had a problem with the calls being dropped while ringing in textnow. the ring would stop abruptly and it would exit the call, any one have a similar experience or solution?

That is normal, because that number is either dead or is rejecting calls. Always happens with me when calling dead numbers

Did someone find a way to bypass the 15day “lock” to change number on textnow? i need to call the center back up but they have blocked my number

Just make a new account. If you are using Textnow for Android you can use any email like [email protected] but in PC versions of Textnow website, you will need to login with Google/Apple/Facebook and these days they check if the email is real or not so actually do something like a real email, something like [email protected] so that the email should actually exist.

Textnow is blocking all of my accounts now. So can’t use Google Voice (not available in India), FireRTC has stopped it’s services. Does anyone know another awesome calling service?

I used to love FireRTC , it had Caller ID spoofing and record buttons also.