Haren_lucy "American Hope Resources Grant" Scam

hi there, im pretty new to this forum… ive been watching scammer revolts for a bit and when this happened i knew you guys could help me out. i had an instagram account follow me, view my story, and comment “my babe” with a heart on my photos (kinda creepy to me, since im a young woman)… then they dmed me to let me know that they are with the “American Hope Resources Grant” and they were going to send me $3000 for c*vid-19 relief. they wanted my bank info. so naturally, i had to check and make sure there was no way this was ACTUALLY a scam, right?? so i sent them my venmo handle and was like “ill only take money if you send it via venmo”. nope. didnt work. they want my bank info. so i started trolling, as good old scammer revolts has taught me. i figured if i waste their time… its less time that they could be putting towards scamming someone else. eventually, it lead to them getting VERY angry with me and sending me a photo of a smashed phone and saying that i made them so mad that they smashed their phone (lmao), then they said i needed to send them my address because i was “going to regret this” and they were going to “make sure i rot in jail”…

anyway, the handle is @haren_lucy on instagram.
ill attach some screenshots below. (not all, because the convo is kinda long, i will admit i was having a very fun time trolling…)
they should be expecting company. :slight_smile:

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ah yes, Instagram where all the amazingly helpful people that like to just give out free money are lmao.


UPDATE 1/7/21: their handle is now @melt_wellson

i went along with it gave her a entire fake profile with fake info a couple days later she hit me back asking for banking info gave her fake information and a couple of days later said my she froze my account as my wife and i have to pay her to get my account back what really happen is she went up to bank of america and really tried to get money out with fake information got frustrated and went to her last resort lmfaooo wasted 4 days of her time

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Man these scammers will use any reason if they think they can scam someone

reported both usernames to IG. left the message game over on their account first though. XD