Health Insurance Scam

OK, so I’m new to this, so here goes.

For the past 2 weeks, twice a day I have been getting automated calls which start out as a brief introduction from “Anna”, saying that I may be paying too much for health insurance. The number is different every time, and when I call the number back, it goes to some innocent person’s cell phone, who is totally not connected with the scam. So, part of the scam is they somehow use regular people’s cell phone numbers to mask their real number. The other part of the scam is if you try and access their “Do Not Call Compliance option” (Press 9), the call disconnects. If you say that you’re not interested, the calls persist. If you ask to speak to a sales rep because you are interested, and you demand that they not call again, they just hang up and the calls persist. Has anyone else encountered this?