Help needed to scam a scammer

Hi Guys!

So I’ve made a virtual pc computer and have my IP address blocked now I need to get on skype and start talking to some scammers lol
My question is how do you use teamviewer without them seeing your fucking with their files? Do you need to use teamviewer on YOU REAL pc or the virtual pc??

For teamviewer you can’t hide it too well, best thing to do is once they give you their id, connect and delete as many files as possible while telling them it’s still loading or something and you do this on the vm.

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Ok perfect! So they cant see the box where you’re uploading and deleting their shit? I thought they could see EVERYTHING you do?

Also I love your videos dude lol That’s what got me wanted to do this lol

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It will give a small prompt on the bottom left of their screen saying file transfer started but no they won’t be able to see the menu on your side


Awesome! Cheers for the help!

Let the scammer-scamming commence!!

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Np :grinning: glad you enjoy the videos