Help! Scammed:( 1 (877)-872-9246 vtsup

Earlier today a large amount of money (large 4 me) was taken out of my bank account by a company named* Amsterdam NL . I’ve never heard of this company before, so obviously red flags shot up and I googled them. vtsup claims to be an almost aynonmous credit card vendor for porn and shit. But their website is hella sketchy. All of the phone numbers on the main website don’t work, when you click the Unexpected Charge tab it immediately asl for your credit card information lol. Also their reviews are ass, theirs plenty of them that say it’s a scam(pic below). Someone posted that this website buys credit card information from small gas stations, restaurants, etc . I’m like 80% sure it’s a scam. But idk. Does anyone know if the website/company is legit or not? If there not I’d love to see the call center get flooded. I worked my entire summer break to help my parents afford this years college expenses. Rip Beer fund

The first thing you should do in a situation like this is call your bank so they can handle it for you.

Yea canceling my card and making a report is the first thing I did.

The main reasons I posted this is I’d love to see these scammers get flooded and to make more people aware of vtsup

If anyone has heard of this company before please lmk.

Did you get your money back? The bank or credit card company should get it back to you for something like this. Card transactions, especially credit card, are reversible. It’s not like a western union or bitcoin scam where it’s just gone.

Also, since this company seems to be doing it to many different people, and it’s clearly fraud, you should report it to your local FBI office.