Help with Google Voice account creation

I heard that for Scambaiting, ScammerRevolts uses Google Voice to make the phone calls. Thus, I tried creating a Google Voice account. However, a message pops up:
Error: Could not create a Google Voice account.
Since I’m not in the States, I tried using VPN (Tor) to access Google Voice but the same error came up.
Hope you can help me solve this problem.
Thanks in advance.

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Please stop putting questions in the scambait tools category, scambait tools is for tools that users created for scambaiting. Any scambait question goes in the scambait question category.

@OrangeGroupTech Depending on where you live, “Google Voice” may not be available or prohibited in your country. You can always search for and use alternatives (i.e. Skype, WhatsApp, Text For Free, etc.) or other VoIP software applications such as “Soft-phone” as well.

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Hold on…
I’m in Singapore now…
WOW I just reloaded the page and it let me in!