Here's a scammer number for y'all

Scammer number: 8187406248 & 8446751998
Any other scammer information: Just got this text out of nowhere from this number: 8187406248… Assuming it’s a scam

“Your order is confirmed! Order ID: 113-87382594-001. Get ready for the incredible MacBook Pro experience! Have any questions? Reach us toll-free at 8446751998”

I’d call them myself, but I’m not really set up for it so have at it y’all! Lemme know how it goes too as this is the first scammer who has ever texted me so I’d love to hear how it goes. :smiley:


1st number seems to be dead but the second number seems to be active

It’s an amazon refund scam. 1st number is the texting # and the 844 # is the scammer. I’ll change the category to “refund”.

This can actually be in both topics and be fine since it is both and sms and refund scam as the scammers initiate contact thru a sms text message.

This might be confusing for some users though, I have been thinking about revamping all the categories on the site.

Excellent thought! :+1:

Welcome ughscammers! Gtsy!

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