Hey guys i need help to RAT those scammers


i am new to the war and am very up for some fight against them !
if somebody here could lend me a hand would great!! aahah so fun pranking them all day here hahaha


Yes ill help you. Whats wrong?


Welcome! we have some resources on the forum I think would be helpful for you.

and for calls:


Great man ! , got the virtual box in my pc , just cant port foward my modem isnt the network main one ; ( , will look into it now! thanks man , watched some of your videos too HAHAHAH been days in a row laughing my ass off


you should join his discord: https://discord.gg/8dfHfY


i am going to get the dark comet from the the forum and set all up will come back here to fuck them all up


If you need any help with rats dont be shy to reply.


going to discord now eeheh


alright if you need help just type in #General


Welcome to TSU buddy!

Looks like you got all the information that you need, if you need anything feel free to holla at me! :stuck_out_tongue:


Any free VPN with static IP and port forwarding? I want to deploy Quasar to those scammers.


Hi guys,

Im new to this. like you im also scammed lets help each other.


Ratting those scammers like:


Could someone please help me set this up? And a new discord invite would be cool. Thx.


This is a pretty late reply, but:
Darkcomet was discontinued long ago and is very unstable. I recommend njRAT or REVENGE-RAT.

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