Home Warranty Scammer 877-671-1027

Scammer number: English 877-671-1027
Scammer number: Spanish 855-201-3028
Scammer website: NONE
Any other scammer information:
My former neighbor was contacted by snail mail from the “Home Warranty Division” using a form letter with an expiration date of 6-13-2024 or approx. 3 days from receipt. Basically saying that his bank signed him up for a home warranty and it’s going to expire. The problem is that my neighbor moved about 18 months ago after selling the house and it says at the very bottom that you may not have a warranty anyway even though the try to say that you do. This will be forwarded to the USPS as well since it is obviously a scam attempt but I think we can hound them as well for a TON of fun.

Contents of the original letter is as follows:

It is important you contact our office at 1-877-671-1027 upon receiving this notice to avoid any unnecessary delays in your
coverage before 06/13/2024.
This notice is to inform you that the property’s home warranty at “REDACTED ADDRESS” Secured by BANCFIRST, may be expiring or may have already expired.
Our records indicate that you have not contacted us yet to get your Home Warranty up to date.
Please call immediately as this will be our final attempt to notify you about activating your Home Warranty.
Failure to call and prevent a potential lapse of coverage could result in you being liable for all costs associated with any home repairs. However you still may have time left to activate a warranty on your home before it’s too late. No inspection will be required and final acceptance is subject to your ability to meet eligibility requirements.
We Reserve the right to revoke your eligibility for service coverage after the Expiration Date of 06/13/2024. Please respond immediately by calling 1-877-671-1027.

Not all consumers have previous coverage. Superior Home Protection is not affiliated with your current mortgage holder.
Home Warranty Administered by Warranty Global Group.

make sure you ask for Kevin. i overheard the boss yelling at him to get off the phone :rofl::rofl::rofl:

the carrier is Five 9, Inc. i have contacted them and reported the number


Also sent the original letter to the US Postal Inspectors though I doubt that will do much but who knows.

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Hey, it’s now a regular call place of the home warranty. I did warn them that their number probably got spoofed and everything so they’re probably going to double check that. So please do not call these people. They are amazing and they were nice enough to take me to their manager to tell him to tell his it to double check your eye, their IP address and everything all right thank you