How are the scammers verifying SSNs?

I’m not set up with a VM yet, so I have been concentrating on scam-baiting that can be done without a remote connection. I’d like to bait the SSA clowns, but no matter what SSN I give these bhenchods they hang up on me.

I checked the number, date, issue state on several websites and it looks good, but still gets rejected. I even resorted to trying several real SSN numbers (from deceased relatives) only changing the last one or two digits… and still no luck.

My grandfather was born in 1893, but his card was issued on 8/1/1939 in Michigan and even that gets rejected.

Can someone direct me to a site where I can confirm the number I give the scammer will not be immediately rejected? Thanks!

refuse to give your whole SS number just give last 4 digits. I’ve never found a scammer that checks that close. They do however check your address matches your zip matches your area code as well as the name of the banks you use. Can’t just make up a bank name.

I’m not having that kind of experience. Even giving them a real SSN gets a hangup. Area code and zip match issuing state. Not a single bhenchod has accepted just the last four digits. I’ll keep trying. Thanks

If they are still hanging up then they are trying to deter you which happens often if they’ve jotted you down for exposing them or if they’ve gotten a tip.