How do I spread my rat?

I have the darkcomet program but I do not know how to spread my rat because I am new. My discord :

You need to get your victim (the scammers, i hope) to download your pre-built RAT. You can trick them pretty easily, I like doing what SR did and building a RAT that is named card.exe with a text file icon. I also make a second build named “Windows Update” and upload it after they’ve executed the first build and make it require admin elevation to get administrative privileges. You should also make up your own ways


You could also name it something like “Account-/Password-/Bank Manager” ^^

DC Is going to get picked 100% by any anti-virus/malware, there are several open source rats that you’d be better off using. But to answer your question spreading utilizes social engineering as one of its main components the act of tricking someone, or thru means of Trojan horse or exploit. Most of the guys prob have unpatched boxes so you could always try EternalBlue/DoublePulsar.

Did you write this RAT yourself, or where could I get my hands on this?