How do I track down a scammer from his phone number?


I’ve been scammed about a month ago, I was naive and was tempted and lost a few hundreds but now I want payback. I would do some stuff to this scammer if I know who he was and I was wondering how do I track down a scammer’s identity through his scammer’s internet phone number that he posted on his twitter account? His Twitter account is: and his internet phone number: +1 4242266527 I managed to find that it’s coming from California but it might be just another spoofed location, I don’t really know.

Any help’s appreciated! Thanks

I don’t think you can get much more from a phone number like that besides like a vague location. You could always try typing it into various websites because some have number lookup attached with their accounts. :eyes: Other than that I don’t know. Sorry about your money though :frowning: Really awful that these guys don’t care who they are screwing over.

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Moving this to scambait question since it’s scammer related.

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I’m sorry to hear you’ve been scammed and lost a few hundred bucks, but glad you found us and shared this w/ us. Short of reporting this to the IC3 database, and possibly your state’s attorney general in case other people in your area found them as well, there’s really nothing that can be done beyond that. Regardless of how much it was, any amount in terms of monetary losses is too much, imo. Hopefully your story will help someone else they’ve scammed and inspire them to come forward w/ their own stories, or prevent others from ever getting caught up in the scammers’ nonsense. The sad truth is that these scammers are hard to track down, which is how they want it, and it’s likely this scammer’s located overseas since domestic scammers aren’t common.

The number they listed in their Twitter account is probably a Google Voice number or an unlisted burner phone, since scammers rarely use their real info. As Itaca said, beyond their general location, it’s tough to get any other info based solely on a phone number. That type of info can change quickly, and white pages sites aren’t always updated to reflect those changes.

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