How I record video?

How do I record video on my PC from my scammer rig? (separate laptop, not doing VM, its a linux laptop I have)

I just wasted 30min of a scammers time as they tried to get into my linux laptop …how do i record that? it was hilarious (I want to record the numerous attempts of this scammer to try and get into my laptop)

i have been make deposit but they scam me

so can you help me please

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Here is a recording software for linux and windows operating systems:


OBS, as SR stated. But, I’m not sure how well it will work if you’re not using a VPN solution, since they will see OBS running.

Well, the fun bit is they cant ever connect to my linux box(no matter how hard they try, helpme/logmein will never work on linux …try [win key]+R on a linux box, “application finder” comes up and they dont know how to deal wit that) so i dont see how they would ever see OBS

I just wanna record these dumbdumbs cause its hilarious when they try

Ill try OBS

Can that do just audio? I don’t want to do videos yet but was trying to voice record a call I was on using google voice and audacity but it was either I could only hear them on the recording and the other setting I could only hear myself, so not sure what is going on but would love to get some voice recordings.