How to call scammers?


Hi guys, i am new here.

i was wondering which is the best ways to call scammers other than hangouts because it is not working for me.
also i almost prepared everything to start which is:

  1. downloading vmware.
  2. setting up windows.
  3. downloading some programmes and creating some files and filling the trash a little bit to trick the scammers.
  4. setting up VPN and making sure it changes the IP.
  5. making the virtual machine match the host system information.

i there anything else i should be aware of.
thank you



thank you for the response.
but i tried and i can not get to work, can share how it works with me.



thanks Zin i appreciate it


i just found out that it is only usable in the US, that is why i can not use it.


Use a VPN
i use


Same i use that VPN too


I would recommend using FireRTC as it’s free and available in many countries.


FireRtc has not allowed new signups for some time now.


thank you all for responding.

i will be sure to do so.