How to call scammers?

Hi guys, i am new here.

i was wondering which is the best ways to call scammers other than hangouts because it is not working for me.
also i almost prepared everything to start which is:

  1. downloading vmware.
  2. setting up windows.
  3. downloading some programmes and creating some files and filling the trash a little bit to trick the scammers.
  4. setting up VPN and making sure it changes the IP.
  5. making the virtual machine match the host system information.

i there anything else i should be aware of.
thank you

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thank you for the response.
but i tried and i can not get to work, can share how it works with me.

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thanks Zin i appreciate it

i just found out that it is only usable in the US, that is why i can not use it.

Use a VPN
i use

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Same i use that VPN too

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I would recommend using FireRTC as it’s free and available in many countries.

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FireRtc has not allowed new signups for some time now.

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thank you all for responding.

i will be sure to do so.

If you use google voice on your real cellphone, you have to link your phone number when you set it up, so is it unsafe to use google voice from your real cellphone? Even if you created a fake gmail account and are using that account for voice? I wonder if scammers can somehow access your real phone number and then look you up.

You can try the Android app ‘TextNow’ (

You will need to create a free account and can choose the area code and one of the listed numbers that it offers. I tried calling one of the numbers last night and it worked.

I have a modded version (full Premium) of the app in case you need it.

I’m Also New To All Of This. Including Computers As A Whole. I Have Done Exactly What You Have Done Plus On Thing. I Have a Skype Account To Make Calls AND A Burner Type Cell Phone. For instance Get A TRACFONE. A CHEAP One. Then Activate It Via The Toll Free Number & Minutes (Air Time Card). DON’T Register It Online Or Else Where IN YOUR REAL NAME. Then Go Back To Settings In Your Skype Account & Have That Cell Phone Display It When You Make Calls On Your Skype Account! I’m Still Fishing The Internet For Those POPUPS! Again, Get The Cell Phone Activate It, A Cheap $19.99 One From Either Walmart Or Walgreens, Get The Monthly $6.00 Unlimited Phone calling On Skype. Then Finally Get Into The Settings Of Your Skype Account & Change (Restricted) Displayed On Your Caller I.D. To The New Cell Phone You Just Activated. Then GO HUNTING!!!