How to get completely past an AI? (payment method)

TLDR version: I’d like to think I’m smarter than an AI. I want to get past their “gatekeeper,” and find find out who and where these scammers are.
The “This is Amy at Medical Services” robocall seems to make at least one call a month. I’d really like to know what “medical professional” keeps recommending me for a free medical alert device. :roll_eyes: (Yeah, I know; the bastitches have no clue who my medical provider is.)
I have yet to get all the way past their [email protected]#$%^&*! AI, but today’s call went longer than any call before. We got all the way up to payment method. (the device is free, but the monitoring is $39/month.) “He” asked for a card number, and I told “him” I don’t use plastic, The AI rhen asked if I had my checkbook right there, and I asked to speak to a human, which of course ended the call.
I’d really like to find out who these cheeseballs are. The numbers they call from are all from my area, and all spoofed. I could give a fake Visa number, but I’m afraid that would end the call before I found out anything good. The fake-card-number-attached-to-a-real-account trick is okay, but I don’t want to give them any more real info than I absolutely have to. I don’t imagine the AI would like a fake checking account either, but I don’t want to open one with some small balance, just for scambaiting.
Any ideas?