How to get scammer popups

I did make a video on this but I’m going to make this post so people can just copy or refer to the links posted when trying to find a scammer popup! Remember if you are not getting popups to make sure you don’t have a VPN on or try another web browser!

These are really all the ones I have for now. Comment if you have any more to add them to the list! Remember to use a virtual machine when doing this so you don’t end up getting a virus on your computer!

Also if you want to see the video I made on this useing some of these links check it out here: How to find scammer popups in 2018!


Ik this is a late reply to this post but also if any of you guys are just getting into scambaiting I recommend you check these posts out!

Thanks my dude:grinning:

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Another website I stumbled upon is

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hxxps:// is another

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Try Worked for me

(right now its a fake google survey but it might change soon)