How to harm the scammers (deleting files, syskeying)

Hello! I’m trying scambaiting and I was wondering if it’s posible to reverse the connection or delete files with AnyDesk. It seems to be the most used application for scammers. I’d really like to harm them this way.

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Yes , i will like to know too . Thanks

ScammerRevolts does it using this method:
So scammers try to connect to your VM. He sees the ID of the scammers computer (written in the page to accept or deny) and tried to connect to their computer on his host computer using that ID. He would pretend to have already clicked the accept button on the VM, and he would say “now it says waiting for partner” to trick scammers that on their end they have to click accept, which will allow ScammerRevolts to gain access to their PC and delete their files.
This way, the scammers won’t suspect anything as they can control the VM and it’s not obvious that files are slowly being deleted from their system.


And btw, if the scammers are using Win10 FCU and above, syskey is no longer there as Microsoft removed it.

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but the scammers have access to ‘our’ pc , how do we give them no permission or even quickly lock them out if something happens … .

As in the scammers will connect to our VM and then we use our host PC to connect to their computer and then let them mess around with our VM. When ready, on the host simply hit “disable remote input”. If it’s greyed out click request elevation and pretend that you see a UAC on your screen and they need to click yes on their side and then you can disable remote input and quickly syskey them or do whatever.


i use orcale vm, is that what i should use as my ‘pc’ . If so how do i get any-desk to recognise the vm and not my main pc , how do i transfer any desk to see my vm.

And thanks for your work mate , its been great.