How to identify a Craigslist scammer

Hey TSU i was wondering how to detect a Craigslist scam so i can troll one

I troll the car ads all of the time. Sort by “for sale by owner”. Look for a car in great condition, that has a to good to be true price. They almost always have a hotmail or gmail address with a females name. Also the car is usually free if identifying items. They never have tags on them, or dealer plate frames. Also they never have state inspection or registration on the windshield. I just email them that I am interested in the car, and they send me a fake ebay link. They want you to pay for a car with ebay cards.

Can you send me a picture of one

Here is a link to a fake ad. Also search craigslist around a major city. Click all of the surrounding areas to search, then click bundle duplicates. You will see the same car, with a different price and sometime a different description.
Philly Acura MDX here is a car in Philly. Read the description. Clearly a copy/paste from another car.
Then look at this Acura MDX in NYC.

They dont got license plates lol

Same car, same pictures, different prices, different descriptions. One you know what to look for, they stick out like a sore thumb.

Which one is the scam

All of them are scams.

Can u give me more tips besides that

Call Libya scammer 00218923686125