How to make a VM with Virtualbox

@KinCryos Thank you bro

I just download the ISOs from Softlay as it is frustrating to have to do so much things to get Windows Aero and I don’t like the default background (other than installing GAs)

@OrangeGroupTech drop the link

Windows 8.1:

I want to use it virtual box so it’s okay right… But did they combine all the versions together

** I Want to use it In virtual box**

Yes I tried it and it worked. These ISOs are AIO so you can choose multiple editions during the setup like Win 7 Pro or Win 7 Ultimate

Thanks bro @OrangeGroupTech

I tried the link, but it downloaded an empty zip folder.

How big was the file?

the Microsoft-prepared VMs are supposed to be in the neighborhood of 6-7 GBs. I have had cases where my webbrowser for some reason will fail to download the file’s data and simply plop put a zero-byte file

That’s weird. You can try the ISO files but you have to set up and prepare everything yourself. The ISO files are smaller in size, too.

So if i install this on my main gaming rig, will it be safe from scammers as long as everything happens on VM? Don’t want to get my main computer F’ed up :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah should be all good, I also recommend using a vpn too though

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Any recommended vpn that is either free or not so expensive ? And also, what are you using to call them back?

Personally I recommend Private internet access

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My VMware it’s my pc slow even when I call scammers it just stop and does nothing. It’s a windows 10 computer 4GB ram… Intel inside… At first I created a VMware with 1GB memory and 1 processor now I changed it to 2Gb memory 2 processor but it then continued freezing a little bit I will continue monitoring it

I recommend upgrading your VM to 4GB RAM (which means using another PC with more RAM). During scambaiting on my 8GB RAM PC and 4GB RAM VM I have to close all other apps especially Chrome as Chrome takes up a lot of my RAM lol

Yeah I never use Chrome but it’s better now because when I opened Chrome it will make everything to stop nowadays I use Firefox so everything is okay